The next Film  ADAM MANTRA   on the Way 

Adam Mantra 

 Adam's mantra is an Arabic horror movie. Most of the film’s outputs have been worked out, including an elaborate scenario, the filming list, shooting list, Storyboard the graphic drawing, and the good preparation and preproduction for this film.

This will be my first job directing movies and assisting with the soundtrack of this movie 

The new thing about this work is that it depends entirely on the viewer's actions and fateful choices of the Audience when it will be in Digitally View  

I will let the days come with more

Time to time we need to hear these whispers 

Standing is the second story after ((I am Syrian)) Song

it is about to keep standing when everything becoming dark 

about Syrian dreams and hope

every Syrian look to be

it is a collection story start with ( I am Syrian ) 

This song has been worked on with people dear to me (Maryam and Fabio), a song that cannot be stopped, a masterpiece of music. and a song that glorifies those who cannot be stopped by any means and will continue to progress despite the difficult circumstances surrounding them, those who are not stopped by any physical or psychological disabilities Or intellectual

The video has been worked out and will soon be available on all platforms